How to Create Effective Videos for Digital Showcasing 

We have just released our Editorial Standards where you’ll find recommendations for how to create impactful showcase videos, ones with the editorial quality needed to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for buyers of performing arts shows on We also have a Technical Requirements document for video file format requirements, and a DIY Video Production Guide if you require a primer on the kind of gear you need if you’re just starting out and a brief outline of three different scenarios for shooting pitch video clips.

These guides are designed to give you specific guidance and direction on the type of content, length of clips and technical formats to make your presence on The Pitch count.

From our experience over the last few months speaking with agents and artists we know that many touring bands and performing arts companies have some great performance videos that will work really well on The Pitch. A little bit of editing might be all that’s needed to make it truly great. For anyone who has to start from scratch, we highly recommend you review all three guides before you begin.  

We will schedule free info sessions with Margaret Lam (September 21, at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern), our design research lead, and Nick Li, our videography consultant (Late Sept/early Oct), to help everyone understand what they need to do to make the most of the Pitch and advance their live and digital touring careers.


Editorial Standards

DIY Video Production Guide 

Technical Requirements

As you use these guides, you might have some feedback to help make them even better, easier to understand or easier to use. Please let us know! 

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