User Guide now available! 

Users of the Pitch can now follow this easy-to-use step-by-step User Guide to set up and start taking advantage of this new unique showcasing platform.

To assist in onboarding and helping users get comfortable on The Pitch, this guide addresses all current functions for every type of user:

  1. setting up your free account
  2. establishing your free profile as an artist, agent, presenter
  3. adding team members
  4. for agents: creating your roster
  5. for artists and agents: completing the artist profiles
  6. for artists and agents: using the Pitch Wizard to create a pitch
  7. creating and managing a showcase room
  8. inviting buyers / viewers to your showcase room
  9. how search works
  10. how your private NoteBook works
  11. getting Support

Take note: we do not recommend the use of the Safari web browser by Apple, because the site will not display as designed in all cases. We do recommend Chrome, Edge or similar browsers.


User Guide, May 2022

You can also review our online summary of how the pitch works here.

As you use this guide, you might have some feedback to help make them even better, easier to understand or easier to use. Please let us know! 

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