Survey about Video Production 

Are you a performing artist or an agent/manager in Canada? How do you create videos to pitch your work to arts presenters/venues?

The team behind The Pitch is developing a process to support artists and agents/managers in creating videos to pitch shows to arts presenters or venues. To this end, we are creating specific editorial and production guides. This survey will help us identify the most common scenarios of your current video practices, including  typical production scenarios, types of content and budgets.

The Pitch seeks to help artists put their best foot forward when pitching buyers. That’s why we want to make sure we can tailor the guides to various scenarios and budgets and still produce the right quality videos.

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Please circulate this survey to any artists, working in any performing arts discipline, as well as artist representatives, including agents, managers, publicists and others. 

Any questions? Please contact:

Inga Petri
Project Manager for The Pitch