The Pitch

How it Works

The Pitch works well with most web browsers. We recommend against using  Safari, because some functions of The Pitch will not work as intended. The recommended web browser is Google Chrome or similar.


To better understand The Pitch, it is important to understand the relationship between accounts, profiles, show pitches and showcase rooms.

The Pitch is a secure business-to-business application that requires a user name and password to enter. Therefore, each user requires an account to manage access (passwords, account users). The Pitch also manages free trials, tracks usage and processes payment.

Each account has an expanded profile with relevant, specific information for artists, agents, presenters and networks.

Artist Profiles

Each artist or group or performance company has one profile. The artist profile, whether they self-represent or have an agent, includes searchable information about their artistic practice. It also includes links to social media and web sites, as well as a library of media assets. These assets are wide-ranging. They can include a short and long biography, photography/images for promotional purposes, links to audio clips, video clips that are used to create show pitches for presenters (buyers) and other important texts (e.g. discography, awards, descriptions of their performances/shows, reviews, touring history, and other information that influences buyers’ decision-making).

The artist profile can be part of the roster of an agency or it can be simply an artist’s own account if they are self-represented.

Presenter Profiles

Each presenter also has a profile. Like the artist profile, it includes searchable information about their curatorial programming preferences, as well as information about the venue in which they present.

Through this profile any Request for Pitches a presenter issues is managed, as is a presenter’s ability to convene other presenters for potential block booking of artists they are interested in via a presenter-curated Showcase room.

What is a Pitch?

A show pitch is always associated to a specific artist’s profile.

A typical pitch for concerts is comprised of five (5) separate videos that are combined into a single pitch:

1. Introduction (1 minutes)
2.Video clip 1, 2 and 3 (short intro and performance, 5 minutes)
3.Q&A (4 minutes)

For theatre and dance performances on tour, The Pitch allows for full-length performances because presenters require them to make buying decisions.

The video clips have to meet the video editorial and technical standards set out by The Pitch.
Each show pitch can stand alone and be “discovered” by buyers through the search function on The Pitch. Agents and artists can also market stand alone pitches pro-actively on the platform. For instance, presenters or presenting networks can issue a request for pitches with specific parameters. Any artist who qualifies can submit their pitch to these requests for consideration. A pitch can also be combined with other pitches in a curated Showcase Room.

What is a Showcase Room?

Any user on The Pitch can host a Showcase Room.

A Showcase Room is a space where a host drags and drops show pitches from various performers. Once the set up is complete, they invite presenters/ venues to view the assembled pitches in the Showcase Room. Invited presenters can view the pitches in any order they choose. Further, they can chat within the Showcase Room about the pitches they are interested in booking, and discuss building a tour for specific artists with their presenting colleagues.

What is A Request for Pitches?

Presenters and Presenting Networks can issue a Request for Pitches with specific parameters of the types of performances they are looking for, along with other attributes of performers, such as where they usually reside, or performances, such as school shows.

These Requests for Pitches will be distributed to all artists and agents that match the criteria through the automated notification system.

Supporting Presenting Networks’ Selection Committees

Presenting Networks can use digital showcase rooms in other ways to simplify their ongoing operations.

Presenting networks can issue a Request for Pitches to increase their reach and diversity of artists for their in-person showcase events. The resulting submissions can be curated into a Showcase room on the Pitch that committee members can view the submission and make their
programming choices.

When Presenting Networks use The Pitch to showcase, they will receive a custom branded experience space for their members.

How the Pitch Works from creating an account to Showcase Room


Basic info for free trial, payment processing and to manage account users.

4 types of accounts

  • Artists / Performing companies
  • Agents & Managers
  • Presenters & Venues
  • Presenting Networks


Profile info is searchable.


  • Genre / artistic practice
  • Target audiences for shows
  • Self-identification
  • Media assets for pitches and other current marketing materials


Pitches are searchable


  • Prepare video pitches as per our guidelines.
  • Artists can pitch several shows at the same time.
  • Each pitch typically is made up of a series of 5 videos for a total of up to 20 minutes, plus relevant text and info; theatre, dance and similar will be able to post full length shows to better assist presenters is making buying decisions.

Presenters / Networks

Presenters can discover these pitches whenever they search for specific types of artists or shows.

They can also issue Requests for Pitches that are distributed through automatic notifications to all matching artists on the Pitch. 

Showcase Rooms

Anyone can host a Showcase Room.

Hosts curate / select several pitches into a single showcase room. Each Showcase room is a time-limited market place which includes the featured pitches, chat functionality for invited attendees, and interest indicators.

Hosts invite Showcase Room attendees. They can tag presenters who already have a profile on the Pitch, or they can upload emails to invite presenters.

They can send invitations generated by The Pitch to their invitees. This invitation includes a private, unique link to access your specific showcase room.
Presenters with or without profiles on the Pitch can enter and participate.

Hosts receive reports on the attendees interests for follow up.

The Pitch Inc. acknowledges that we live, work, meet and travel on the traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples who have cared for this land since time immemorial. The Pitch Inc. is headquartered in Whitehorse, Yukon, on the Traditional Territories of the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council and Kwanlin Dün First Nation, self-governing nations under the Umbrella Final Agreement.